Artex Removal

At Saturn Plasterers we provide an Artex Removal service that will restore your ceiling to a smooth skimmed surface ready for painting. Artex was fashionable in the 1970’s and 80’s and is often still found in homes across the UK. Artex is a water–based covering, usually used to decorate ceilings, and generally brought to a textured finish with the use of a brush or comb. Some older Artex may contain asbestos and it is extremely unwise to sand down or scrape without seeking the advice of an asbestos specialist as this can potentially damage your health. Contact your local council for help with this. Having checked that your Artex is safe, we are one of the few firms that have the ability and experience to plaster and skim over the Artex to leave a brilliantly smooth finish.

plastering leeds

Water damaged living room.

plastering leeds

Walls and ceiling stripped back to brick following water damage.

skimming leeds 2

Another view of water damaged room after stripping back to brick.

Blown plaster had to be taken back to brick. Walls bonded followed by a skim.

Newly plastered walls following bonding and skimming.

skimming leeds 1

Newly plastered room after dotting and dabbing walls and erecting new ceiling.